As you have noticed if you have tried to read this blog, it’s got no new content on it lately.  I’m not done with blogging as I mentioned before.  I’ve just got a lot going on right now.  Thanks for checking back here.  I’ll get going again soon. I just have a lot of family obligations and my late-night time is being eaten up by something insidious and addictive.

Team Fortress 2 has reset the hook, and I’m gut-hooked again.

It all started with the Pyro achievements.  I resolved to get my achievements this time and not let them slide like I had with the Medic.  I don’t tend to enjoy the Medic unless I’m playing with someone I trust, and I tend to server hop so that isn’t usually an option.   Pyro on the other hand allows for several different play styles.  I can play defensively, I can go offense, or I can adapt to the moment and do whatever the team needs.

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