game-breaker-logoI’ve been a fan of Gary and Ryan from MMOG nation for a while.  I used to listen to their podcast back when theirs was just about the only podcast out there about MMO’s.  Gary Gannon, the Gary from the aforementioned team has been semi-retired from podcasting and community in general for about a year or so.

He’s returned in a big new way with his new site GameBreakr.  The new site is a combination of news, ultra-brief reviews, and something a little more experimental, Gary’s live video podcasts.  At AGDC, he’s launching the site with the help from the folks over at Vivox.   He’s also peppering in a lot of social networking components with his presence on Facebook and Twitter as well.  It’s a little more of a 360 degree approach to an online presence than is being done elsewhere.

The tag line on the blog is “Video Game Talk You Can Trust – with Gary Gannon”  The scope of the podcasts will be everything gaming from Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and PC gaming.   I’d encourage you guys to go over to the site and check it out and click the “Game Breakr Live” tab at the top to see the live podcasts during AGDC with people from the industry, and check back each day to see what he’s got going.  I’ll be following this new experiment and see how it develops.  It’s cool to see someone take a little more complete approach to the community.