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The Issue of Trust in MMO’s



Last night something came up in my WoW guild that got me to thinking.  Yeah I know, it should happen more often, this “thinking” thing.

I’m almost level 79 so I’m running some stuff with friends, trying to level.  As such I’m not in Naxx with the rest of my guild on the nights they run that.  Tarkheena is 80 and she has started running Naxx with the guild and as such was in the Vent channel with them during the run.  Before I get into the details, let me set the stage.

The guild I am in has been together for years and years.  They play other games and WoW just happens to be the game that they are playing as a group now.  We got invited to the guild because we know some of these guys in real life.  Most of the people in the core of the guild live here in Austin and we’ve been to lunch and we’re probably going to do a LAN party event here soon.  They are adults, most of them have kids or long-term relationships, and have pretty good jobs in the high tech industry.  As such, there is a very high level of trust among the core.  I’m not likely to ninja something if I have to be on a conference call with that person in a few weeks trying to sell something to a customer.  It’s just not gonna happen.  Plus, no one wants to jeapordize that kind of relationship.

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New Mexico, Sierra Club Seek Tax on Games

Once again, video games are being vilified in order to advance the agenda of a special interest group. The Sierra Club of New Mexico proposed a “Sin Tax” on video games and televisions, with the proceeds going to fund “outdoor education programs.”

I won’t go into what I think about “education programs” per se, other than to say that it’s probably a way for a lot of the club’s members to earn additional income without any accountability to results. Money from taxes without accountability is always a bad idea in my mind, but that isn’t all that is wrong with this.

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