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MMO Elitism and You!

ElitistLast week, Wolfshead’s thoughtfully written and nicely crafted article about Why the MMO Industry Needs a Real Cataclysm set me to thinking.  First of all, I don’t have nearly the industry pedigree that he has.  Second of all, he took an idea from mid air and fleshed it out with cogent arguments.  Third, it was thoughtful and passionate.  Good on him.  Let me tell you why he’s wrong.

He’s not wrong for the same reason Tobold says he is in his rebuttal Blizzard and McDonalds.  Tobold’s rebuttal is also well written and uses an analogy that is very apt to rebut the ideas that Wolfshead presented.  Don’t misunderstand, Tobold is right on, but his analysis is different from mine and is largely from the company’s point of view.

I wanted to address this even before Tobold did, but his article got me wanting to post.

Let’s look at this from a player’s point of view first.  Then I’d like to address the evident contempt that is out there for Blizzard from others in the development community.

First Wolfshead starts out with a section called The Farmville Curse.  I couldn’t agree with him more on that point.  Those aren’t “MMOs” and I think I would say that Facebook games in general are pushing the definition of “game” to it’s limits.  I have no argument with him there.

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Why is Common Courtesy so Uncommon?

AntisocialThe title of this article is a question posed by a member of our AoC guild. The trigger for this question was that he and 3 others were waiting for a slow-spawning boss for a quest.  They were standing near the spawn waiting when the boss spawned and a solo player immediately got to it and tagged it.  So their group had to wait I don’t know how long for the boss to respawn, when the “offending” player could have just asked into the group and they all could have had it.  It seems like this sort of antisocial behavior has been growing more prevalent in recent years.  It’s not a new phenomenon though.  I remember being a dark elf enchanter in Everquest and there was a guy (not a dark elf) killing guards inside Neriak.  As I ran past him, I got a tell; “Give me Clarity.”  Excuse me?  “Effing give me Clarity!”  Umm, I don’t want to.  This resulted in a huge string of profanity directed at me.  If he had been even a little courteous I would have surely buffed him.  As it was, not so much.

Courtesy was much more common, and even expected, in Everquest than it is in today’s games though. I think one of the factors is where players come from today vs. what my circle of friends’ gaming background was when we started.

I have a theory (this should scare you.)

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