First thing, apologies for not writing recently. I’ve been distracted.

First of all, Team Fortress 2 has re-set it’s hooks into me. I find myself playing before and after my EQ2 play sessions. I’m actually starting to represent myself a little better, which is saying something for a gamer of my, er, life experience level.

Some Dunnys

Second, I’ve started a new obsession. It’s with art vinyl. What the hell is Art Vinyl? Well there are several companies that give vinyl figures to artists and ask them to make designs on them. One of the popular ones is from Kidrobot. The figures that I have become interested in are called Dunnys, and you can see some of them over at the official Kidrobot site. Turns out that these are done by what I would call “pop-culture” artists, designers that have traditionally done illustration, tattoos, grafitti, and other popular art expression. The stuff is mostly very cool. Tarkheena and I have been playing eBay and trying to get a few of these figures. We’ve also started an eBay business selling them. I’ll tell you the name if it takes off.

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