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Tabula Rasa From a Clean Slate

Tarkheena and I are giving Tabula Rasa a go. We got the free 3-day key from (thanks Tipa) and we started playing last night. So far (a couple of hours) we are having fun. Tarkheena seemed to like it quite a bit too, so there may be a stop at Fry’s tonight on the way home to pick up a couple of copies. We definitely haven’t played enough to do a review or even an impression. I want to play more before I comment on that level.

We intentionally didn’t do any research leading up to now, so we are literally starting from a clean slate (sorry, I couldn’t resist.) We are learning about the game as we play it and haven’t read a book or a guide. All discovery so far has been as designed.

I’m looking forward to getting into this a little more so stay tuned.


  1. If you really want to thank me, stop mentioning Fry’s. It’s the number one thing I miss about California and every time I walk into a faceless NON-Fry’s, I feel homesick.

  2. OK, I bought 2 copies today. And to honor Tipa I went and got them with my CompUSA going out of business discount. I didn’t go to the Store That Shall Not Be Named.

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