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Brad McQuaid Thinks you Screwed Up Vanguard

I was cruising through Fire of Heaven’s web site today, and much to my surprise I came across this little gem from Aradune, AKA Brad McQuaid, regarding people’s expectations and how much like EQ1 Vanguard might be…

Like I said, that message resonated with a lot of people in a positive way, but it also did harm in that those people who don’t want another EQ 1 were turned off when they heard about Vanguard but not all of the details behind the game. There were and are also a lot of ‘Vanbois’ who spread the word that this game was not for WoW players and that people who like a more casual game like WoW were not welcome in Vanguard. In that sense, the messaging backfired and many people aren’t even giving the game a chance.

So THAT is the problem with Vanguard. All the negative press and all the dunning that they are getting about the half-baked game they shipped is actually the fault of all the people who have been supporting him over the last few years, the “Vanbois.”

I’m having a hard time deciding if this is Brad kissing FOH’s ass or if it’s just him being an ass. Either way, my opinion of Brad as a person, manager, and steward of this game just went down another notch.

Brad, first of all, if you feel like that, come to the community and post it. And no, FOH is NOT the community. FOH is the retard rickshaw and a place for pricks to stand around and flaunt their e-peens. The community is the people who actually bought your half-finished pile of steaming shit and are trying to play it, and the Affiliate community that is trying to help keep the group focused on the positive, but you don’t have the time of day for. You have officially lost touch with your community.

Yes, I’m pissed. Brad, I think you owe the community an apology. If you wanted to start at vanguard crafters, that would be ok with me. Sense of entitlement? Fuck yeah. I’ve been paying for and operating a fan site for your game for 2 years, and I think we’re entitled to at least as much love as you give those catasses over at FOH.

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  1. Genda

    November 2, 2007 at 10:14 AM

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    ChimaeraX said…

    I would say Brad was 100% accurate. I was in the beta from 2.5 on and I can tell you, as someone coming to VG beta from WoW, that the Vanbois really did create a hostile environment for anyone who liked anything about WoW. They were the nastiest bunch of whiners I have ever seen get behind something so rabidly that common sense escaped them completely. I knew from the beginning of Beta 3 that VG was not going to do well, and that blame rests firmly on the vanbois shoulders. If you read the beta forums, anytime anyone proposed something that should be changed due to changes in the desires of the present MMO market since the glory days of EQ1, you would have seen that person run out of town by the ravenous frothing vanboi militia. Brad is entirely accurate, but he is also to blame because he didnt to anything about it.

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007


    Anonymous said…

    Funny how Brad conviently forgets how HE constantly pushed the same message on Sigil’s messageboards.

    The Game is a POS because of Brad’s management and lack of “vision”. He really thought that hardcore gamers (who he constantly renames Core gamers) would pay the bill for another grindfest. Guess he was wrong.

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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