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I’m Talkin’ Games!

So you may have noticed that my posting has slowed down here a little bit.  That’s because I’ve joined Br3ntbr0 over at I’m Talkin’ Games! or ITG!

I’m excited to join a multi-author blog.  Some of my favorite blogs (I’m looking at you, KTR) are multi-author and I’m hoping that some day we can get the quality and consistency they get.  We’ve got a couple of newer bloggers to the circle I usually run in, along with old friends Oakstout and JoBildo contributing.

I’m going to keep this blog open, because I know that there are going to be things I want to say here.  Please set your readers and feeds to as well.  I’d love to see you all over there too.  We’ve got some exciting things planned there.  I’ll let you head over there and see for yourself.



  1. That’s great news, I will definitely check it out.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I wondered what you were up to and now I know! 🙂

    I’ve added the im talking games feed to my feed reader and look forward to many posts.

    Still, I hope you keep posting here too.

  3. I’ll check it out!

    Happy Halloween. [Jackolantern emoticon here]

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