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Amazing Accomplishments of the Daft

Among the great things that are accomplished by people every day, I have always pointed out that doing so is easy when you are smart.

Accomplishing things when you are an idiot requires some effort and determination.  Many of the things I have accomplished in my life are heroic in nature because at the very core of my being, I’m an idiot.  I pointed this out to some of my fellow bloggers and guild members in our Champions Ventrilo channel the other night.  To my dismay, they tacitly agreed.  As a matter of fact, they tactfully tacitly agreed.

Here’s the latest example of my bumblehood;

Now, in reality, I’m a relatively smart guy.  I get it, more often than not.  But lately when it comes to gaming, I’ve noticed a trend.  For example, I’ve been playing Champions online since late beta.  Admittedly, not a terribly long time.  During this time, I have experimented with many of the pre-made power sets if not nearly all of them.  During that time, I managed to completely avoid slotting a single defensive ability.  I think it’s fair to say that I died.  A lot.  I knew something was wrong, but I was having fun and the death penalty is so small in CO.  So I kept dieing.  And dieing.  Sometimes it was so often that I felt a need to apologize to my teammates.  I’ve often used the saying that “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”  Or the southern version; “If all you do is all you’ve done, then all you’ll get is what you got.”

Clearly, I’d lost my effing mind.

I needed help.

Syp over at Bio Break and Brent from A Wall of Text walked me through a basic understanding of the defensive abilities and how they work vis-a-vis your chosen stat base.  Syp memorialized that conversation on his blog for the benefit of others who are similarly daft to me.  For those of you who aren’t daft, this is still an excellent guide and a roadmap to undestanding defensive abilities in 400 w0rds or less.  I chose a defensive ability that went well with Blambot’s (my little Munitions expert) stats.  Being that I hadn’t used my free Retcon yet on this character, I did so (which I thought was terribly clever.)  Since that time, Blambot has been absolutely wrecking stuff.  And Syp got a free post out of it.

This is my way of returning that favor for myself.  I got a post out of it too.  And I’m having a lot more fun with Champions.  Thanks guys.

I managed to play most of the evening without dieing more than once or twice.

Now how do I find the bank again?

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  1. You apparently did not complain about your frequent deaths enough. I walked the exact same path, not getting a defensive ability and going for the “glass cannon” build. On ventrilo I complained about being dead in under 5 seconds on nearly every fight, when someone pointed me to the defensive abilities. From there, it was a matter of looking them all over, trying them out in the power house, then picking one. Until we spent that night playing in Snake Gulch I didn’t realize you were having the same problem. Unlike me, you just hadn’t voiced your displeasure with it on Ventrilo, so no one probably knew you were frequently paying the death toll.

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