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Cryptic Studios Aptly Named on Pre-Launch Event

Champions Online

Like anyone who is interested in the MMO space, I tend to want to at least try every game that comes along.  I was a little resistant to mess with Champions Online just because from the brief time I spent with it in beta, it felt like CoX 2.0.  This isn’t a ringing endorsement.

Like a lot of people, Tarkheena and I were fascinated by the character creation though.  Add to that a lot of friends that are playing and we decided to give it a run.  I headed over to the Champions Online website to find out what the deal is with pre-order, head-start and the like.  I also wanted to find out when the game was going live.  According to what I saw there, I’m evidently just supposed to know this by osmosis or something.  There isn’t a single banner, news post, or link that would tell me when the damn thing is going to happen.

Being the stubborn sort, I refused to look elsewhere to find this news because if you are trying to sell me a product, I feel like you should effing tell me when it’s going to be available before I have to google (or Bing) it.

I never did find anything at their site, even after some honest detective snooping.  Shame on you Cryptic.  At least now we know where you got your name!  My suggestion?  Fire your marketing department.  First they had the “oh, we’re out of lifetime subs”, “um, no we’re not” fiasco (and how the eff can you ever “run out” of something you are making up.  That’s like politicians running out of bullshit.  If they ever do, they just make up some more.  But I digress.)  Now the “guess when you can play” deal they seem to have going now.

Tarkheena eventually put my out of my misery and went searching and found the information on a news site and passed it along to me.

But honestly, Cryptic, WTF?

L2Market.  KKthxbye.  Please drive through.



  1. Yet with all their bad marketing, everyone knows about the game 🙂 I believe September 1st is the live date, but I got that from the folks at Gencon.

  2. And get off my damn lawn!


  3. I found their release date in about 30secs on their webpage it is in the FAQ section and is Sept 1st. Release dates are always in the FAQ. Now I do agree that they should have it on the main page. But it was easy to find.

  4. @Jim

    Congratulations on missing the point.

    Oh, and here’s your cookie.

  5. @Ysharros Hehe.. true. Well this IS The Grouchy Gamer, after all, isn’t it?

  6. I like cookies!

    Maybe I did miss the point. Maybe I suck at this internet thing?

    Could you clearly state the point at the end of the post so I am not confused? Maybe make it flash so I don’t miss it.


  7. @Jim

    I LoL’d.

  8. Aions a bit like that. It’s jolly hard to find the beta schedule, advanced character creation date, headstart date, live date etc, especially for Europe. I don’t know if my beta client will work for the European release. Maybe these companies are just too embarassed to tell us when they’re coming out? 🙂 Or maybe it’s just bad marketting – they’re so used to everyone trolling forums for the info instead.

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