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Big Class Changes to Accompany Cataclysm

In addition to the huge changes coming to the game world, it appears that WoW 4.0 is going to bring some pretty substantial changes to the way the classes work.  I’m going to reference an article that I’ll link from the live blog at Blizzcon’s Class, Items, and Professions Panel today.  Here are the major points…

  • Goblin Racials will be Rocket Jump (20 Yard jump, 2 minute cooldown), 1% increase to attack and casting speed, Pack Hobgoblin (calling a personal servant to run your bank errands every 30 minutes) and +15 to Alchemy.
  • Worgen Racials are Darkflight (sprint, on a cooldown), Reduced duration on curses and diseases, Flayer (bonus to skinning, no need for skinning knife), and of course Worgen form.  You can choose to be human or Worgen out of combat, but in combat you are always Worgen.
  • Soul shards will not take up bag space.  They are reworking the shard mechanic completely, may end up being generated on a cooldown.
  • Summoning demons will no longer take soul shards.
  • Lots of changes to fears and instant casts.
  • Hunters will no longer use mana.  They will have a stat called Focus, which you may remember if you were in the beta.  It’s a similar mechanic to Rogue energy.
  • Ammo may become an item, rather than a consumable.
  • MP5 is probably going away.  Spirit will inherit it’s functionality.  (I’ve always thought it was odd to have both.  Very confusing for a lot of people.)
  • Healers will get “Meditiation-like abilities.”
  • Spell power and attack power are going away completely.
  • Intellect will scale both your mana and your damage.
  • Agility now provides AP for rogues, hunters, shaman, and druids.  “No more plate-wearers stealing your gear”
  • Defense will be gone.
  • Tanks will recieve anti-crit via abilities.
  • Armor penetration will be gone.  (Yay!)
  • Adding a stat called Mastery, which sounds just as confusing.  More on that tomorrow.
  • Haste will speed up casting for casters, and energy/rage/etc. for melee.  No attack speed increase.
  • Block will now mitigate a percentage of the damage.
  • New legendary item, “Shadowmourne”, a 2-handed Axe.  “Obviously a Hunter weapon” they joke.
  • New profession archaeology.  Still a lot to be decided there.  Evidently you will use it to open “Paths of the Titans”.
  • Looks like it will unlock titles, vanity pets, maybe other special abilities.
  • Reforging will allow you to “increase customization of your gear”
  • Making fishing more fun.  They’d almost have to.
  • Planning on making racials more interesting.
  • Trade skills will increase another 75 points, new title: “Illustrious”
  • There will be a caster legendary item in the first WOW:C raid
  • Talk about making Shaman better AE healers, toning down Priest and Druid group healing.

There will be another panel tomorrow.  I’ll keep an eye out and if I see anything interesting, I’ll let you guys know.

Original Live Blog here..


  1. i got a question here if {{{{Armor penetration will be gone. (Yay!)}}}}is Gone what well happen to the items that have armor penetration on it?my warrior is fully epic gear from armor penetration and before i have armor penetration i used to make LOW damage on feral druids death knights paladins and more and after you tell me that armor penetration is going away this suck ass as a warrior were i take crazy damage from anything i should be able to ignore some of there armor,how ever i hope BLIZZARD head master {i bid he is a priest} Think to make warrior better class.I saw that you removed Hunters mana bar and fixed what was not broken i hope you fix whats BROKEN now that is WARRIOR class all the new changes for warrior was bad.

    warrior need to be able to stop cast silence and be able to take LOW damage.

  2. all these changes are purely STUPID! attack/spell power, haste, armor pen gone?! the fuck are they thinking? defence will be gone as well? THATS ALMOST ALL A TANK IS! plate wearers never steal agl items unless there retard (hince it seems u are) i mean these changes are just rediculous to think of playing WoW without them.. thats all the characters are!

  3. They might as well take away that -10% when you are a DW 2h Fury warrior. (yeah, I am). It blows. Might as well take the plate and give us cloth while ur at it.

  4. Brownieyum (on tichondreas lvl 70 blood elf prot pally)

    April 23, 2010 at 4:58 PM

    ITS GONNA BE SO FKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Okay, dumbass Richard J, I’ve seen a Orc Warrior. Agility on all his gear gems, and he was hitting 6k dps, as a tank, in PROT!!! Agility, adds extra attack speed, you damn noob. So yeah, Agility is good for Tanks.

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