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Hi everyone.  Genda asked me to take a few moments and post some thoughts on the end of the world as we know it.  No, I’m no a preacher with a wooden sign over my shoulders screaming about Armageddon.  No, I’m not talking about people paying 5 grand to watch Kobe Bryant talk at Michael Jackson’s Memorial (And really, Kobe?  why?).  And no, I’m not talking about Star Wars The Old Republic’s release date (which we all know we’ll be clamoring for).

No, I’m here to talk about The Cataclysm.  Not “A” Cataclysm.  THE Cataclysm.

The cataclysm is the Greek expression for the Deluge, from the Greek kataklysmos, to ‘wash down’ (kluzen “wash” + kata “down”)* – Source

This past week, Blizzard decided to file for copyrights to the name regarding computer games, paper based products, and, lo and behold, online entertainment services.  COUGH wow COUGH.  Everyone knows with Blizzard you take it as it comes.  Some people have already looked at this as the name of their next Generic MMO, rumored to be working on the Xbox.  Others have seen it as something to do with Daiblo III or potentially Starcraft II.

One smart guy though saw this… and said, oh wait…

Swirlies for the win... or complete wipeout

Swirls for the win... or complete wipe-out

Yup, that’s the center of the map from your friendly neighborhood WOW MMO.  It’s been like that since pretty much day one.  Speculating that this is truly the name of the next WOW expansion, and taking into consideration some facts about WOW Lore, here’s the short run down.

1.) Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms are about to be wiped off the map

2.) Seeing as Death Knights are already starting at 55, how better to quelch everyone’s complaints that a mage or paladin can’t do the same, than with a little fresh water?

What would this mean though?  For starters, no more Barrens Chat for the Horde, ah Chuck you will live in infamy.  Also, no more dueling in Goldshire to impress the Alliance ladies anymore either.  Obviously, lvl 55 (or whatever number the choose) would become the new lvl 1.  Everyone else could be scaled back in numbers, but attributes and all would stay the same.

Now, given that you need to be 58 to get to Outland, and 68 to get to Northrend, plus, with no east or west coast to hang out on, well, things would be pretty crowded, there would have to be a new “starting area” mapped out for both factions.  This would let you go from 55 to 58, and could even be phased events, similar to the Ebon Hold starting area for Death Knights, whereas you would level from 55 to 58 through a re-enactment of the Cataclysm, only to be blown to outland up0n finishing the event and being ready at 58.  I always thought they did an excellent job of making Death Knights learn their class quickly but completely in the shor 2 to 3 levels to complete DK training in the Ebon Blade, and honestly, when Tirion and Arthas threw down, my cash for the expansion was well spent.

Blizz could easily do the same for the remaining classes, giving people reasons to create new characters, experience things they haven’t before, and not feel like they have to grind it away to get up to the rest of their guild or friends.

More importantly, dungeons would be sunk.  Yes, further than the Sunken Temple, which would forever be referred to as the Sunken Sunken Temple, or the REALLY Sunken Temple.  This means new dungeons would need to take the place for lower level characters and could be placed through the ginormous areas within outland, providing new content, in a familiar place, and adding to the replay value of walking toons through there instead of just feeling like it’s a 10 level grind to get to northrend.  What, with a Cataclysm, I’m sure some of the dragon’s fires will be doused in Outland, and perhaps even Mag’s Lair could be flooded… bringing from the depths of Azaroth a new terror.  Even still, what about an all underwater dungeon, where you need to have potions, fishing poles, or something to make it through the trek.  The possibilities are endless.

That’s the key too.  Options.  I long though, hell, what if we kill Arthas?  Then what?  Where do you go if the baddest ass on the 3 continents is taken down in a simple 25 man raid?  Well, what better thing to do than bring forth the wrath of God, and lay forth new options for us to plunder?

Again, take it with a grain of salt, as this could be nothing more than the next expansion for Wow Minis (insert cheap plug here), and they may be making an online version or database for it.  Still…that swirly seems to have been foreboding something for quite some time now… and perhaps, THE Cataclysm is upon us.


  1. I would be absolutely shocked if they did this, wiping out the old world. I believe this would be unprecedented in modern MMOs.

    Of course, what would happen to accounts that haven’t purchased any expansions? Would they get them for free? Would they be forced to buy them? Would they be cancelled?

  2. Toxyn! I was surprised to see a post by someone other than Genda here, or maybe I’ve just not paid enough attention to the author of the posts ;p

    Regardless, its a pretty radical idea but possible. I think Blizz will do something to shake things up for the next xpac since there won’t be another hero class so something crazy like this wouldn’t surprise me.

    I’m also betting on the Cataclysm being the next theme for the xpac. Hopefully we find out the scoop from BlizzCon in a few weeks.

  3. Great point, something I hoped would come up in discussion actually. I think they could easily offer the BC as a downloadable patch to basic users. In reality, I don’t know anyone who plays wow who doesn’t have at least the Burning Crusade. And, far leave it from Blizzard to turn the world upside down.

  4. People keep forgetting the Phasing Technology they showcased in WOTLK. If Blizzard did remake the Old World, it’d just mean switching 80+ chars over to the new content, you leave everything as it was before. Simple. Nothing unprecidented, other than the fact that PvP servers would seriously lack high-levels ganking lowbies in Crossroads.

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