I was wrong. I was SO wrong.

Turns out that the site listed in the previous post is indeed Brad’s.

There was too much about it that made it seem “off” that I didn’t believe it.  But I got from a trusted source today that it is his site.  Too bad, a spoof would have been funny.

As it is, it’s kind of creepy seeing some of the posts there.  There are sycophants and there are vitriolics, and not much in between.

Judging from Brad’s post today, there isn’t going to be an interview, which is too bad.  I guess we’re going to pretend that everything never happened and there is no culpability.  I wish when I didn’t make my sales figures for a month, I could go to my boss and say; “I’m really looking forward, not looking back.”  Like that would work.

I hear from my sources that Brad is in a better place, and that he’s healthier and doing better than he has in years.  I’m glad for that.  I never wanted the guy to be sick or unhappy.  I just don’t want him around any game that I’m playing.  From all accounts, he’s a good guy.  Just not a good manager.

Good luck, Brad.  I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish.  I think the road is going to be a little rockier than you may expect.

And I’d still like to do an interview.  Shoot me an email when you are ready.

12 thoughts on “I was wrong. I was SO wrong.

  1. Oh I am sure all the haters out there would like to see Brad burned at the post but that wouldn’t make them happy either…not really. Because a haters game IS hate. And they hang onto it, regardless how illogical their arguments and suppositions are, like it’s the very air they breath.

    Look, in life shit happens. We all make mistakes. I am sure he apologized to all who needed to be apologized too. He owes no one else anything. MMO’s are risky business. He had partners, I doubt he made any business decisions on his own….do you expect them to apologize too?

    Let’s let the past be where it belongs, in the past and look forward to the future and what may be. The possibilities are endless…if you just let the bitterness go.

  2. I actually need to thank Brad for one thing, he made me wake up to things that games ‘promise’ and ‘will be included’ during devs talks of a game. I am no longer an instant fanboy to something that is in development and catches my fancy. I won’t be spending a lot of money going to conventions for games not even out either.

    In other news, DDO is going 90% free to play in the near future, copying Free realms in a way.

  3. Xorakis :

    Do an interview for what? What hasn’t been said already? It has been years and it’s time to get over it.

    Because no one knows what he’s been doing or thinking for the last couple of years. He’s still a celebrity in gaming circles. He’s mentioned that he wants to make another game. Why wouldn’t I want to interview him?

  4. So are you backing away from your culpability and sales example statements that were made right after your disappointment of not having an interview?

  5. Xorakis :

    So are you backing away from your culpability and sales example statements that were made right after your disappointment of not having an interview?

    No, thanks. I don’t want to play that game.

  6. To bad indeed, it would have made an entertaining read. But nothing more.

    “I just don’t want him around any game that I’m playing.”

    You’re very honest :-)
    But on the other hand, you can’t blame the guy for not wanting to be interviewed…

  7. I love Brad when he is part of a “Think Tank”, but not as a manager. He did wonders with EQ1, to begin with. There were many problems in the development of VG that could have been avoided if a qualified person had been in Brad’s place at the top of Sigil; however, I refuse to believe it is all Brad’s fault.

  8. Hey, nice site changes! I guess I should click through from my RSS feed now and then ;)

    And that’s all I’m going to say on the Brad McQuaid thing, here or anywhere else. Water under the bridge most likely, but it’s not a bridge I’m ever going to get near to either if I can help it.

    Course, the biggest motto of the MMO world is “never say never.” :D

  9. Glad to hear it.

    There’s a difference between forgiving somebody and accepting somebody. It’s generally not necessary to reject a person to reject their actions.

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