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The Guild Makes the Game

Something has really driven this seemingly-obvious point home for me over the last few months.  There’s a little back story, so please bear with me.

As most of my readers probably know I got into the Casualties guild and was GM for the Destruction guild over there for a while.  We had a great group over there, and if the game had held my imagination even a little bit I would have kept playing.  Unfortunately it didn’t.  Then the same thing started happening with a lot of the core gamers in the guild and the game in general and a couple of server merges later I was stepping down and looking for something else to play.

I had started dabbling in WoW again and decided to see if anyone in Casualties wanted to start a WoW guild.  Several did and we were off and running.  I had some real life complications which kept me from playing for a month or so, and stuff happened, and well, the guild had a big exodus.  When that was over there were several characters left in the guild but mostly people that had odd play times or sporadic ability to log in and play.

What we found (me and Tarkheena) was that we really missed the chatter and having other people to do stuff with.  Even when we weren’t grouping and it was just me and Tark running characters ourselves we missed that presence.  So with a level 71 and a level 65 each, we decided to hang it up over there and get our old pre-BC Horde characters transferred to a server where Tark has some friends playing.  It’s a PVP server, something I never thought she would go for.

Even though we had to do a lot of the “work” over (it got confusing having run 2 characters through Outlands a few weeks before to do it again with 2 more characters.  We kept saying; “Didn’t we already to that quest?”) we’re finding that we are having a ton more fun in the game.  It has a new life, and instead of just being a game that we play, we’re doing stuff surrounding the game again.

For one thing, being in a guild that is RL geographically aligned is very cool.  We’re going to lunch tomorrow with our guild leader and a couple of the other guys in the guild.  New friends for me, which is pretty cool.

You may also have noticed that I’m blogging again.  I’ve been in a funk.  It’s been a combination of a health issue (which is improving dramatically. Thank you to all of you who have asked about it) and writer’s block and lack of excitement about gaming that had contributed to it.  Getting laid off during that time didn’t help either.

The point is that just being in an active guild (one that we can’t really even group with yet because of level discrepancy) is making the game itself so much better for me.

I know I’m Captain Obvious on this one, but I guess my message is this;  If you are playing an MMO and you aren’t happy, get involved with a group of people that are.  Don’t leave your guild for gear, or for opportunity, but for a guild a like-minded people that you enjoy being around.  No guild is perfect.  Stick with yours if you like the people.  But if you don’t like them, or they aren’t around, look for that perfect match.

Or at least a really good one.

PS – I really miss all you CoW Destro folks.  The only thing that would make my gaming happier than it is right now is if we were able to be together in another game soon.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. WAR didn’t hold my interest very long at all, but it wouldn’t have held it at all if it weren’t for CoW.

    The past year or so has really hammered this point home. The group of people you play a MMORPG with is the single most important factor in how much you enjoy it.

    Also, glad to read health is improving.

  2. It’s really strange how things work out. I was following Bildo’s blog waiting for WAR to release and ended up playing with COW on the alliance side. Just like you, loved the guild, but the game just didn’t hold me. Varuca was starting up WOW again and I ended up transferring my toon to Ysera and joining her in a guild. She left within a week to play with COW on Rexxar. I didn’t follow because I have high level Horde and didn’t want to level alliance. Long story short, love the guild and having a good group of people with like goals can make any MMO a great experience.

  3. Completely agree on all points. I got lured back to Darkspear by a bunch of RL friend’s that honestly, and I’m not sure why, missed my company to the point of almost begging me to come back and play with them, so I did.

    We’ve manage to expand our small 5 man group into 10 different subbers. All of the friends or family. I’m sure eventually the lure of End Game and better loot will draw them off to other guilds, but for me, right now, it’s not about the game actually, but more about hanging out with friends, which makes all the difference in the world.

    I still miss the CoWs and enjoy a limited amount of interaction with a few in Lotro, when I can make it and on their different blogs.

  4. It’s great to hear that you guys are having fun! Even if we don’t play together, I’m grateful to CoW for letting me meet a butt-ton of folks I would never have met otherwise — which to me is what a guild is for (out of game, anyway).

    I’ll probably be unsubbing WoW for now — I think I’m a serially monogamous gamer, so multiple subs just isn’t worth it.

    It’s also good that you’re posting again, though tbh that should be WAY behind all the other crap (like health & happiness and prosp– err, not-broke-icity).

  5. Methinks that Casualties will need to do another recruitment phase this summer as it is. CO may bomb, so may Jumpgate, but I’ll be damned if I don’t want to try them both.

    Being without MMOGs for a while, or a desire to play anything really, has me itching for some new crack to try.

  6. ZOMG It’s a JoBildo sighting! 😀

  7. I lurk in the shadows… and I know what evil lies in the hearts of men.

    Or something witty that Lamont Cranston would say.

    I’m slowing making a comeback. Though still not sure what the hell I’ll write about. I’m really not gaming much…

  8. Come play with us on Jaedenar! 😉

  9. I can’t stomach WoW at the moment… too much for my 1-2 hours a week. Hehe.

    Hoping Jumpgate or Champions might be casual enough for me to get into. I’ve been out of touch for a while at the boards… is anyone planning something for either of those?

  10. I found every word you said to be true and that is what makes a game great I feel, the people you play with, it can also make the game awful. I hope you and Tark are happy and doing well. My b/f and I also fell in love with horde and I feel much more at home there 🙂 you both have a nice rest of the summer.

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