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An Interesting Thing Happened Yesterday in WoW

For the last few years people have been complaining that WoW is a dumbed-down version of an MMO.  “It’s the Easy Button.” they would say.  And they were, for the most part, right about that.  As the game evolved, it tended to get even a little easier.  They kicked up the experience curve to shorten the time it takes to get you to max level.  Mods made the game even simpler.

Yesterday, something interesting happened.  Blizzard made the game a little HARDER.  They did so while making the game a little less annoying.  Here’s how they did that;

First, they nerfed almost every spec.  Mana use is definitely an issue for casters now, and DK’s got their much-deserved come-uppance.  I knew this was the case for sure when my 63 Orc Shaman beat a 63 DK in a duel.  That could have never happened before.  Not even close.  Also, I listened to my guildies on Vent last night as they did Heroic COS, and it was clear that they were struggling to keep up with things they used to do relatively easily.

How did they make it less annoying?  Dual-spec.  That means that all of your >40 level characters can have two separate specs.  My shaman, for example, will probably end up specced as Resto/Elemental.  The two separate specs mean that you will have 2 complete talent trees, glyph sets, and bars.  So I can solo as an Elemental Shaman, but as soon as we jump into an instance I can flip to Resto and be ready to heal.  Or flip back if a better healing solution joins up and be more DPS oriented.  Very cool.  The cost?  1000 gold for the actual enabling of dual-spec, and whatever is left in your mana/rage/resource bar every time you switch.  No switching ever in Arenas, during battle, and only before the start of BG’s.

For me, it’s made the game a little more interesting than it was before.  I really like the dual spec in particular.  I never liked being pigeon holed as a healer in the past, and now I don’t have to be (or at least I won’t have to be once I can afford to drop the 1K gold.)  I’m looking forward to see how things shake out with all this, and seeing how the characters work together once everyone gets used to their specs.   Having fun though!


  1. As I was fixing up my UI yesterday after the patch, I accidentally clicked on the button that opens the LFG window. There are now checkboxes where you can click whether you are available for healing, tanking, DPS, or any combination of the three appropriate to your class. Seems like an obvious thing to add now that I’ve seen it, but when the window first opened, I said out loud to my husband, “How cool is that?” Pretty damn cool.

    I don’t run with pick-up groups as often as I used to, since they mostly need healers and I’ve been playing as a shadow priest lately, but I’ll be much more inclined to heal random groups again if I don’t need to pay 50G to switch from spec to spec. Anything that makes grouping easier (with your guild or a random group) is a great move as far as I’m concerned.

    Glad to hear you’re having fun with WoW again! 🙂

  2. This is a feature that I really hope ends up migrating to WAR.

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