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Horde are Like a Comfy Pair of Shoes

After trying to get a Casualties of War WoW guild up and running and failing spectacularly at that task (that’s another whole story,) Tark and I found ourselves still wanting to play WoW, but with no one to play with on our new server.  Having leveled a couple of alliance characters each to the mid-60’s and low 70’s we had some investment there on Rexxar.  With a total of 3 or 4 other players logging in occassionaly but the guild not wanting me to disband the WoW chapter I found myself in an untenable situation.

Before we retired from WoW after BC came out and our old guild imploded (like so many others,) we had been in a Horde raiding guild.  So we had some characters that we hadn’t played in 2 years, pretty much still geared in complete T1 gear (it’s rare to see this gear equipped any longer.) We haven’t cracked them out to play that entire time.  I think my old main had completed about 1 quest in Outland.

One of Tark’s co-workers is in a Horde guild on Jaedenar (PVP) and had asked that she and I join them over there.  So this past week, we transferred our former main Horde characters over there.  We also started DK’s on the server.  While Tark has always been a little adverse to PVP action, and in truth I have as well, we never dipped our toes too far into that water.  This opportunity to play with grown-ups that we know and who have critical mass every night was too good to pass up.  So we’re over there.  I have my Orc Shaman up to 64ish, and Tark has her Troll Hunter to about that same level.

What we’re finding is that other than the occasional ganking and skirmish, we really enjoy that playstyle.  And we’re finding that we’re real Hordies after all.  I love my little Gnome Lock and my Human DK was OK, but the Horde straight up has much more personality.  After adjusting to the different flight paths again (and almost making a few fatal errors) we are running in familiar grounds and talking to familiar NPC’s.

I miss the opportunity to play WoW with CoW, but by the same token, the people that left the WoW CoW guild had different goals and play styles than CoW in general (which was founded to be a casual guild, hence the name being a play on Casual – ties).

For me and Tark, Horde fits like some comfortable old shoes.  It was really easy to slip them back on and walk around.  I think we’ll be playing over there for quite a while.

For us, for now, Horde > Alliance.


  1. Chance and I are on Deathwing but NOOOOO you went to Jaedenar! Well at least I know another server I can transfer to now 🙂

  2. Hey,

    Didn’t know where you guys were. Getting old and can’t remember shit.

    Holler if you are ever over there;

    Akkan – My Orc Shaman
    Bevoe – My Tauren DK

    Miss playing with you guys. :/

  3. Darkspear, which is a PvP server, is always open to any CoWs that want a nice friendly casual guild to gank people in. You guys are more than welcome to hang.

  4. So does that mean you’ve forgiven all the CoW members who left for that other guild, since you’ve now done the same?

    That other guild is no longer, anyway.

    Will I see all the CoW forums again, or am I still black balled?

  5. @Timmy- No, it doesn’t, except the ones that asked back in. That’s apples and oranges though.

    I don’t think it’s cool to try to dredge up drama here either. I never posted about that here, and you and I both know that’s different. My characters are still CoW tagged, all of them on Rexxar. That’s as far as I want to go into things here.

  6. Sorry, I didn’t mean to dredge up drama. It’s not drama to me, honestly.
    Though I don’t see the difference. I left CoW while you and Tark were on a break, before you posted you were on a break. I saw the same situation you do now, with very few people on to play. I left the CoW guild to go back to my Horde characters, same as you. I just came back to Rexxar with a different guild once that opportunity arose, though I had already stopped playing on Rexxar.

  7. Just keep us posted on how things are going. You could entice us to resub. 🙂

  8. It’s good to see you & Tark having fun, anyway. I’d post more on the guild thing, but for once I’ll hold my tongue. Sort of.

    Moving on after consultation is absolutely not the same thing as gutting the damn guild and badmouthing everyone that’s left as you’re doing it.

    Ooops, I went there. Tough. Drama is one thing. Subsequent rewriting of history, however, makes me *really* mad.

    Genda, feel free to delete this. I just had to write it and now I feel better. 😛

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