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WoW CoW is recruiting

CoW has a WoW guild. I say that because not that many people know about it.  We’re actually becoming a multi-game guild.  Right now, most of us are in our 40’s and many of us also have DK alts.

We’re looking for like-minded people, namely people who like to play, group, and enjoy the game with a casual gamer’s play availability, to join us.

Even if you can only play a couple nights a week, we’d love to have you.  We’re planning instance runs of both the older “classic” instances as well as the newer stuff as soon as we are level appropriate.

Holler!    [edit]  The site is It looks like it’s an WA-only site, but it’s not… ask to join the WoW guild and you’ll have access to the whole site.  We’re working on a redesign to better reflect that it’s i multi-game site. The guild is on Rexxar server.  It’s an Alliance guild (yeah, I know) and you can usually find me on Duis or Duisternis.


  1. Well, you had my attention. Then I noticed there is no link to a guild website or forums. No mention of the server or faction chosen.

    I googled CoW forums but only found the WAR forums.

    I searched WoW Armory for CoW guild and found 13 guilds.
    A check of all 13 rosters revealed none matching your description of characters mostly in the 40’s.
    None of the character names in those 13 guilds looked familiar to the bloggers I’ve seen.


    I give up, not for lack of effort though.

  2. Last I heard they were on Rexxar Alliance primarily. I hear there is a Horde version somewhere. YMMV

  3. I was excited when I saw in the forums that CoW was forming up in WoW, but then I saw the server. Crap, yet another server on which I would have to roll up a character.

    Blizzard has got to solve this server partition problem. I cannot start from scratch every time a friend starts playing and says, “Hey, I’m over on Terrokar/Dethroc/Rexxar/Whatever, roll up a character here and play!”

    Actually, they don’t have to solve it, they seem to be making money hand over fist, but I wish they would solve it.

  4. I will be back as soon as all this freaking out of town work starts to die down. I’ve been in Charlotte, Arizona, LA and soon to be in NY soon and all that in one months time. whew!

    Anyway, I’ve not deserted CoW, just thought you should know.

  5. The guild is on Rexxar and it is an alliance guild.

    @AGN, we all started over so no worries and it’s a no pressure type of deal. Hang when you can, there is no rush to end game and we are just having fun hanging out. If you to just chill, come, create a toon.

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