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Returning Soon

For those of you that are wondering where I’ve been, there have been a lot of things going on over the last couple of months.  Unfortunately, that meant that the blogging took a hit.

I’ve still got some things to say, so please keep coming back here.  I’ll get started just like old times in a week or two.


  1. Remember to say it Loud, your a gamer and your Proud. lol

    Hope to be reading some posts from you soon. I know the feeling of having to be away, I’ve let my blog lapse in the past as well because of RL stuff.

  2. Kudos! I’m glad things are starting to come around for you. I’m ready for some grumpy old gamer ramblings.

  3. Good to hear. I only just found this through the CoW blog roll. Pretty sweet group you’ve got there.

  4. I’ll be waiting. Your one of my “fixes” I use to survive since the lurking in Sigil Forums days.

  5. Sheesh, were it not for CoW I’d have thought you dead!

  6. This is the best time of year to slack. Have a good Christmas.

  7. MoooOOooOOOOoooo

    Me n Mak are in ur blog, creepin’ u out! 😀

  8. Hello… hello… hello….

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