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And it’s Another Warcraft Approach

WotLKIf you read MMO blogs, it will come as no surprise to you that the denizens of WAR are restless, and many of them have already hung up their swords.  WAR is a fun game, but a fragile game.  It’s population sensitive, activity sensitive, and it’s machine sensitive.  That adds up to people getting unsatisfying play sessions more often than they should.  It’s not helpful that Blizzard timed the Wrath expansion to launch 3 days before most WAR players had to decide on whether or not to resub for another month. It’s led to a mass exodus off of the servers to the point where Casualties and their allied guilds are getting a fraction of the usual player numbers we were used to.  At the start, it wasn’t unusual for CoW to run with a full warband or better, now it’s hard to fill one even with our allies.

WAR could come back.  I’ve never seen a live team work and react so quickly to changes that need to be made.  I’m encouraged by the effort and results they have been getting.  But it’s not enough. I think WAR is going to have to struggle a little and people are going to have to leave and try other things, then come back, before WAR starts to gain ground again.

A lot of my Casualties guild mates are still playing and enjoying WAR, and I’m glad they are.  But we (Casualties founders) came to a realization last week that the majority of our membership was NOT playing WAR.  We had always talked about making CoW a multi-game organization, and this realization was a mandate for us to get busy starting that.  Most of the members that I know who had left WAR had returned to WoW.  So we took a poll and WoW was voted the most logical next-step for us as a guild.

You may have also read here and in other places that I was over WoW.  And truthfully I was, at least the way I used to play it.  I had really quit not long after BC came out.  I had been in a casual raiding guild that was working it’s way through the 40-man progression.  BC shattered the guild, as people left to start new smaller guilds or play new characters.  Raiding stopped.  I tried to get into the content in BC on a solo basis while I waited for a guild to throw back in with, but I never could, and Tark and I eventually called it a career.  We rerolled on Earthen Ring to join Alea Acta Est, a HUGE guild there, but the huge guild experience wasn’t for us either and we eventually retired.  Through beta and into live and all that I described above, we played Horde.  Never even thought about Alliance.

When this time came up with CoW looking to expand into another game, and WoW being chosen, Tark and I decided to give the Alliance a try.  Enough people from the guild said they wanted to throw in with the re-roll experience and so we are going to give that a try.  It’s all brand new to Tark and I, having never played this content.  Now we’ll get to play with CoW as we progress through the content in WoW.

CoW is going to give it a go on the Rexxar server as a loosely-managed progression guild.  We’re not going to transfer over any characters (yet) and so we’re going to make a go of it with only our WoW general knowledge as an advantage.  I’m actually pretty excited about it.  We all have started this week from level one, and it will be interesting to see how well this works out and how far we get.

As a result of this, we’re throwing recruiting back open.  Both the WAR and WoW guilds will be taking new members through the application proces at  Drop by and visit, and if you aren’t a member already, we’d love to see an application from you.


  1. I generally cant stand Alliance, but now that I think about I have over 2 months left on recruit a friend. I guess I could two box to 60 with triple XP and start some alliance characters. That would be failry interesting to try especially since the first 3 years were all Alliance to me.

    Did you get your Polar Bear?

  2. I DID get my Polar Bear.

    And while we’d love to have you, we’re not going to be rushing to 60. The idea is to enjoy a lot of the old content without getting into the traditional 60+ grind of raiding and such. Maybe we’ll see you there in a month or two. For now, we’re looking forward to running around Dead Mines a little.

  3. I can start at level one 🙂 doesn’t bother me at all

  4. Can I come play wit you’d guys?

  5. Please do!

  6. It really does suck though… was hoping WAR would hold a greater majority of us for longer.

    Even I’m starting to feel the burn of people leaving. I’m hoping there’s another nice long state of the game with plans for livening the place back up again soon.

    Thank God I can always add a 2nd game to my repetoire… I just really don’t want to have to.

  7. Yeah, I’m heartbroken over the state of WAR populations. I think a lot of people tried to play the game like it was another MMO, and so they were disappointed. I think the game was over-hyped too. Most of all I think it’s a game that requires a strong guild to enjoy, so a lot of people lost out there. Most of all, it’s dependent on population, so when some of the disappointed started leaving, It was like a downward spiral.

    I hope the remaining folks in WAR are dedicated. I’m glad we’re offering an alternative for everyone else.

  8. I worry that our remaining forces will begin to filter out. I’m hoping we can recruit and quickly to get people feeling like the guild’s got more than 10-15 players most nights.

    Now I do wish we’d made CoW a One-Sided guild. Wonder how adverse people would be to re-rolling to join forces?

  9. I’m sorry to hear that the guild got hit so hard. I’m not sure that there really was a safer time to launch; going after Wrath would have meant much lower hype and initial numbers, though it might have made it easier for Mythic to figure out how many servers to launch with (and, therefore, fewer longterm population issues).

    I have far too much invested in my current WoW server to ever leave it for any reason (I like my current guild, and my wife and I collectively have 8 characters NOT counting the low level bank alts), but I will definitely keep you guys in mind for if/when I go back to give Warhammer another try.

  10. Jumping ships more often lately? I think it’s a problem of getting older. Seems to happen to me, too (^_^)

  11. Genda, if any CoWs end up starting an EQ2 chapter, fill us in. That’s a game I’ve been wanted to try since the last couple expansions, but the sheer number of them just make it seem daunting to pick up from scratch on a solo basis so many years after release.

  12. MMO and Guild mobility has really become a problem these days, that is for sure.

    Sodality was enjoying some degree of success on AoC up until the time Warhammer came out. We more or less knew we wouldn’t be able to survive in both places so we moved in mass to Warhammer.

    Our numbers are slightly growing there but more or less we’re at about the same strength.

    I did see you guys moved to Monolith. Welcome to the server! Look out for us if you need some extra folks to achieve goals.

  13. Sorry to see another yet another contender fail against the wow juggernaut. I got my hopes up for AoC but I just sat it out for War. Looks like I made the right decision in the end.

    Everything that’s come out in the past few years has been “Its great but..” and “its different from WoW because..” But they all end up falling by the wayside. I hate to say it but sometimes I feel the only way Warcraft is going to fall is if somebody makes a game exactly like WoW and manages to get it covertly installed on people’s PCs and then put the icon right next to wow’s launcher and people accidentally click on it. Otherwise people just keep coming back.

    For me personally, there’s been way too many great non-mmo games coming out lately (Dead Space, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Gears 2, L4D, COD5, the list goes on) for me to stay latched onto an MMO. So I only play WoW 1 or 2 nights a week when I get a XP craving. World of Warcraft is still the king of casual/solo-grind so it fills that role nicely.

  14. I myself could never enjoy WAR. Something about the combat*seemed sluggish* and the lack of players just made it boring for myself. I hate to see you guys*who do enjoy it* take such a huge hit however. It really hurts the experience of the game when it suddenly has a huge loss of population.

    Especially to WoW.

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