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Eat Mor Chikin, er, Order

Eat Mor ChikinOver at, Shwayder has declared the battle for supremacy on the Thorgrim Server of WAR to be OVER.

I have to agree with him. It does seem that there is a dearth of worthy opponents on the server, although a couple of guilds recently saw a spike in membership (maybe the order saved up their lunch money?  The bus near the game store only runs on Sunday? I dunno.)  I can tell you that in T2, where most of the action is right now, Order is mostly standing near level 55 hero mobs taking potshots.  In the Phoenix Scenario, they just turtle, fearing what happens should they step off the lawn.


Here’s what we know for sure;  Destruction is running mostly unchallenged on the streets of all three major pairings.  CoW has been met with but one defeat, and numerous victories despite our noobness.  And Order seems to only take keeps that are lonely.  It’s rare to find a roaming band of Order in the field.  The only conclusion?  They have waved their white flags and set about their harvesting. Or knitting.

It’s time for some Order guild to roll up on Thorgrim that is the equal of the Destruction forces there.  If there is such a guild. Barring that, we’ll see you all on your shields at level 40, where there is no place left to hide. You or your guild have what it takes?  You’d be the first.

/yell WTS Chicken feed.  Not enough chickens to make it worthwhile…


  1. zerg more chikin… L2pvp!!! n00bs /teabag

  2. Ahh, zerg! The last defense of the defeated.

    @Sifo, well thought-out and reasoned response. I’m guessing you play Order?


  3. Ha ha. This outta be good

  4. /Taunt on…

  5. I’m not playing Warhammer, but I did play DAOC for a while. Main reason I stopped was the permanent imbalance of opponents – either spend all evening runing round looking for someone to fight or looking to for someone to fight with. And that was with three factions.

    Is Warhammer going to avoid that?

  6. Unfortunately no, Warhammer hasn’t avoided that. On my server, Order will go out and take a keep, but Destruction can always just apply more numbers until they win, and that’s what they do. We’ll do fine for the first half hour, but after that we are usually outnumbered 3-1, so there’s not much point. Oh well, we knew it would be like that when we chose Order, but none of us could really handle the humiliation we knew we’d feel after our first meaningless, inevitable victory as the Great Mighty Destruction Zerg of Mightiness. At least we get insta-queues for scenarios. 🙂

  7. I don’t think its a matter of not finding anyone to fight, it’s a matter of finding a decent quantity and quality of people to fight. Our Destruction guild just keeps rolling over people, and it would be nice, I’m gathering all this from Genda’s original post, to have some kind of competition so their swords don’t get rusty.

  8. Yeah, I’d have to say last night was fairly boring watching Order sit back by their NPC’s. They only began to advance when we started getting bored and wandering off.
    Hmmmm, maybe if I go turncoat and join Order…..nah!

  9. Man, I just wish there would have been some sort of warning that there would be a 2-to-1 Destro/Order imbalance… I mean really, the open beta didn’t foreshadow this at all. I really feel bad for all of the Destruction players too, at this point if they wanted to switch to Order for a better game experience they’d have to walk away from a whole 5 days invested in the game so far to start over. It’s really not fair.

  10. @Sifo

    And the game is going to change back and forth as the two sides level at their different paces. My question then becomes what is going to happen when everyone hits 40?

  11. It’s not going to change back and forth. There are several times as many Destruction players as Order! Don’t be silly– this is the way it will be. I’m assuming you have played the Order side at some point, so you know as well as anyone that the Order side is just no where near as polished and “bad-ass” as Destruction side, and our two tanks are silly/gay so we are going to be screwed for a long time. Any Destruction who complain about not having Order to fight can bite me. (I’ll be protected by the guards from your expanse of zergdom tho!)

  12. “what is going to happen when everyone hits 40?”

    Then I’ll finally enter WAR, and the game will be changed forever. 🙂

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