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WAR Week 1 Impressions

SquigFirst of all, let me say that I know this isn’t going to be my most read column, because this has been done ad nauseum out there in the blogs already.  But it’s time for me to get this blog going again, and what is on my mind is Warhammer.  Warhammer and Casualties. So here goes.

Before we get too far along. I want to tell you guys what an honor it is being the GM of a guild like Casualties Destruction.  The game isn’t a week old and we’re already getting communication from other guilds about alliances and running things with them.  It’s very cool.  That’s because that guild is filled with some of the most exemplary people that I have ever played with. The only thing I really need to do as a guild leader with them is provide a little structure and try to focus their enthusiasm.  Great stuff.

So the game has been “officially” live for about a week now.  In all the other games I have played, at this time we would still be doing noob tasks and maybe running some lower level dungeons for dungeon gear.  In WAR, we’ve been able to run T1 and T2 scenarios, participate in Open World RVR, we’ve done 2 nights of siege warfare, we’ve run our top 2 local Order guilds (/wave Clan of Shadows) out of their keep assault attempts, plus all the other stuff that most games offer.

In spite of the Pre-Order fiasco, which Mark Jacobs tried to spin into being the player’s fault, we are settled in now on Thorgrim.  We lost 2 days of play but that is in our past.  The servers are very unevely populated at the moment.  I’m really hoping that this evens out over the next few weeks as people who are taking that “wait and see” approach have waited and seen.  I think that this is the most important issue facing the game, and that it needs to be addressed somehow.  It’s possible that they saw that they had too few servers for head start and made a reactionary move and had too many for live launch.

Gameplay has several little niggling bugs, none of which really warrant discussion yet.  I’m hoping to see the client addressed over the next few weeks to help iron out some performance issues as well as the remaining bugs.  The disappearing pets and pet controls for my Squig, for example.

Social tools are lacking in the game, in spite of some really cool things that have been added.  The inability to link items in chat, context menus in chat (r-click tells, etc.), warband/scenario bugs. and a few other annoyances really shouldn’t even be in the game.  These are all last-generation features.  The Living Guild, guild rewards, guild management tools are nice and even adequate.  I’d really like to have player notes back though.  We have almost 170 characters in the Destruction side of the guild and I don’t have any idea how to manage them.  We’re building a tool to use on the website but that should be provided in-game.  An XML/XLS/CSV output capability would rock too.

So in summary, my point of view is that the game rocks.  I think that Mythic management’s handling of launch issues was poor and caused unnecessary bad will. I feel bad for the community management team over there who have been for the most part stand-up folks.  They kind of ended up cleaning up after the squig explosion on this one (sorry, couldn’t resist.)
And while I’m on the tangent, they are SquiGs, NOT SquiDs.  Squid is something you eat at an italian or japanese restaurant. Squigs are disgusting WAR creatures.  I wouldn’t want to get those mixed up at dinner.

That is all for now.  Stay tuned.


  1. I echo the pet bugs concern. My lion disappears constantly when I’m travelling. Though one time he DIDN’T disappear graphically even though he was gone. So when I called him again, I had 2 lions for a brief moment in time (though only 1 that would actually do anything.

    Most importantly for me though, I hope they resolve the Black Screen o’ Death issue SOON. It’s driving me nuts when I crash in the middle of a scenario or Keep battle.

    With you on the CoW as well. I can’t believe just how well we’re all running so far. Not to mention how quickly Dest reorganized and got back on track.

    CoW’s FTW.

  2. a few things to try for the black screen-

    If you are using an NVIDIA card, update your drivers. Once you have done that, run the game in windowed mode, choosing no border. Set your windowed resolution to match your full-screen and it will look like it’s running in full-screen.

    This has the added bonus of making the game alt-tab able. Those things have fixed the problem in every case I am aware of.

  3. I’ve got to back Genda up on that fix. I was getting that crash myself. Bit the bullet an downloaded the newest drivers, the hoop jumping needed to update laptop drivers often puts me off doing it.

    Since doing those steps I haven’t hit a single crash. That same kind of crash, very frequently, was the last straw on WoW for me in the weeks leading to WAR. I wonder if maybe that’s fixed now too.

  4. My drivers are up-to-date, though I haven’t tried the beta ones that are out there.

    I’ve also been running in windowed like that since CB. 🙂

  5. Argh I just blogged about the chat issue also. Dang it got beat to the punch again

  6. My favorite example of a problem that WoW solved years ago that War hasn’t. Saturday night I sat in a queue for 20 minutes, then within moments of loading into the game I crashed to desktop. Upon relogging in I found myself behind that same 20 minute queue.

  7. For a funny video of our first attempt at Keep Raiding and the Order Slaughtering that commenced, check out this video.

  8. I can’t watch that video enough… it bring s tier to my eye and a wicked grin to my face. 🙂

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