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Mythic Screws Up WAR Launch Before We Even Get On Servers

I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but;

Congratulations Mythic.  You’ve made a game we all want to try.  We’re so anxious, in fact, that when you put out 60,000 copies of the Collector’s Edition back in March that it sold out almost immediately.  In fact it has been going for over $250 a copy on Ebay recently.  Nice for you.  Good on ya.  By all accounts, you also had a couple hundred thousand pre-orders for your game.  You had what is practically a million applications for beta. Your hype machine has been unparalleled in recent memory.  Good on ya.

Then launch comes along and you try to let your first 60,000 most rabid customers in on WAY too small a list of servers.  You promise that as need arises you will add servers.  You say that you don’t know what to expect.


Instead of putting up enough servers to (excuse the pun) serve all the customers that they actually KNOW already have the software (they had to enable the keys, they have the number) you but up too few servers and make us all wait to get in.

Shame on you for protecting your ass at the expense of our time on launch day.

Shame on you for not being prepared for the number of customers you knew were getting in (we paid extra for the privilege, duh).

Shame on you for not listening to our concerns the last 2 days when we said it wasn’t enough (if WE knew, shouldn’t you?) and still insisting on adding servers “as needed.”

And shame on you for not anticipating that we would all log in this morning.  (We did)

THINK! If you didn’t need them today, you would need them on Tuesday, or Thursday.

THIS is how companies get a reputation for poor customer service

It’s easy to second guess, and I know Mark Jacobs is out there saying that they are adding servers and things are staying balanced and that some servers are underpopulated.

Well that is all well and good Mark, but again I will reiterate that you blew your chance to make a good first impression in live.

Here’s a hint for future reference;

If you have a game coming out that has guilds in it, we need to plan where we are going to play.  Giving us one day’s notice is ok if you are going to be able to deliver playability and a smooth launch.  You can’t do that if we can’t log in.  Plus, giving us a small server list before launch makes it impossible to choose a server that we will actually be able to play on.

You all should have anticipated the day today.

I know this post is disjointed and that’s just because I’m a little agitated (in case you didn’t notice) and I’ve got a single-malt or two in me.  Nonetheless, Mythic should have handled this better.  Much better.

Shame on you Mythic for making this less fun than it should have been.


  1. Gotta funnel people out of tier 1 to lift queue caps retard.

  2. @Ruur-

    What’s that got to do with the number of servers?

  3. And there’s also the issue with some CE preorder people not getting the correct codes for the CE headstart. Evidently some sort of mixup between Mythic and Gamestop/EB/Target/whatever either not sending the followup email with the CE codes or just plan giving the incorrect codes.

  4. Wait…so WAR launched like EVERY OTHER MMO?
    How about…was it stable? Did you finally get in?
    To think that WAR would be any different than any other company is truly saddening I am sure.

    Patience will pay off I bet.

  5. To be honest I was really impressed with the way Mythic were taking it, small server list originally and then building it up to accomadate the additional players, the Standard Edition entries and then anyone else who isn’t going to hit the game before the 18th.

    Over on Europe side GOA has handled it pretty well to be honest and I believe they have the same sort of system in place that Mythic has, with the slow opening of server caps and the introduction of additional servers as the game progresses through the day.

    It seems a smart way of running the game because of how they need to balance out the RvR.

  6. Yes its been stable, they’ve since upped the server caps but there’s still like a 20-30 min queue to get in. Could be better, could be alot worse though.

  7. Genda, I totally agree with you. Although I don’t have the collector’s addition, I would be just as upset. I get the feeling as though Mythic have rushed the release of WAR a little too much. Some careful planning could have avoided a lot of issues.

    Openedge1 hit the nail on the head. WAR has launched just like every other MMO. One day the industry will get it right… one day…

  8. In Mythic’s defense – just playing Devil’s Advocate here – I wonder what would the reaction be if Mythic had 100 servers available at launch such that there were only 600 people per server, or even worse, they had 100 servers, found a major scaling bug and had to let those servers idle? I do believe Mythic (and every other company out there) either needs to do better in communicating their expectations or otherwise needs to just shut up, not fuel the hype, and let people be pleasantly surprised. I think overall, the best strategy is to actually bring some of the servers up a few days before the actual “launch” date. Some people will try to connect by chance, will get on early, will spread the word, and hopefully you can “grow” the server base instead of trying to authenticate everyone on day one.

  9. No, Genda got it right. Mythic had to have some estimate (i.e. basic math) on the number of people that would be logging in for the CE headstart. A twenty minute queue just on the headstart is poor. What’s going to happen for the SE headstart? Obviously, there will be more servers, but what about the people who want to play with their friends on the already full servers? Will they be raising the server limit?
    If I recall correctly, LOTRO didn’t have this problem during their headstart.
    And yeah, I’m frustrated too. It took me forever to log and and join the guild. At least it was stable.

  10. @TheDavid

    I like that idea but it might cause some backlash from people who don’t think to try the servers early. Also with the way MMO players are so connected with the internet I think everyone would know a few hours after the first person got in early. Then you would quickly have the same rush on the servers.

  11. It sounds like every MMO launch in recent memory. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I chose to never again buy into prelaunch hype again since VGSOH… the hype for WAR has been more ravenous than ever.

  12. capacity of tier 1 relative to the entire server means…

  13. I think this is only on Destruction, because I’ve not really seen but a few minute queue on Order sides, and none yet on Averheim. Though I expect things will get worse tonight, and again on Thursday.

    With 1.5 million copies hitting shelves, you’d think they’d start with a few more servers open to choose from.

  14. If it was all fixed before the real release date, how is that screwing up? The pre-launch bonus was just that, a bonus. Just like betas, it is a way to Use players into figuring out what is needed. Now, I am not going to argue it made some people upset, but when you are a corp., you have to plan on the worse, meaning only 40% of initial players will continue. The queues may be bad the first week or so, but only 40% will stay. There have been several online games where even I only played the first month. Mythic raised servers based on knowledge of what ‘will be’ at the start, but not ‘what is’ (fine distinction). From a biz standpoint, they did the right thing. However, this is a chicken and the egg problem, and as long as the producers are happy (profit > expense) then everything is fine (expansions for us). [Still, great points raised in blog entry!]

  15. My favorite part is waiting in a 20 minute queue, then getting booted immediately after I load in so that I can sit in a 20 minute queue again! Weeee.. didn’t Blizzard solve this problem like TWO YEARS AGO?

  16. @interNEKO – Your point would be fine if they didn’t already have the servers purchased. It doesn’t take that much to turn on a server. The capital expense is in buying new servers. IF they already had the servers in standby mode (which they must have if they planned to add them on demand) then why would it have been so hard to predict the need for more? You sold 60,000 CE pre-orders. Your server capacity is X. 60,000/X = Y. Make sure you have enough servers to handle Y at launch. By primetime on Sunday, you had 300 person queues and 2 hour waits. I had the same problem Heleth had, but I sat in the queue for 1.5Hours. Then I crashed on the character cinematic. Back to the 1.5Hour queue.

    We made the call to switch to a new server. Okay, as Genda said that’s in the past. Now I know that people are upset about the long waits for Scenarios on the Destruction side. I for one would infinitely rather wait for a Scenario queue WHILE still playing and questing and doing PQ’s IN game rather than staring at a wait queue counting down.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am REALLY enjoying the game. For the most part, people are great. There are a few minor interface issues, but let’s face it…if you weren’t running WoW “modded” out to the max, you hated their interface too. One thing I would love is a mass mailer. When I want to send 20 cultivating resources to an alt or to a guildie, I HATE having to send them one at a time and wait 20 seconds between mails. I know they put it in to deter spamming, but it is still a pain.

    Overall, I am really satisfied with the game. I am enjoying the RvR aspect much more than I thought I would. I still don’t see myself enjoying the Scenarios. I much prefer the World RvR and the keep taking rather than the Scenarios. But that is just because I typically suck when it comes to that kind of thing. I never could do well in Battlegrounds in WoW either. lol

  17. So you’re one of the retards who screamed for additional servers. Congratulations, half of them are so empty that you can spent the entire night without getting into a scenerio or seeing an enemy player. I’ll take the 15 minute logon queue on server I rerolled on, since I can actually PvP now.

  18. @John Young

    It appears you misunderstood.

    Just to be clear, I screamed for more PRE-LAUNCH servers, since they knew in advance what the demand was going to be. I was actually concerned that they would go guardrail-to-guardrail like they did and open up too many LAUNCH DAY servers.

    Oh, and welcome to the site.

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