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Casualties of WAR has Officially Eaten All My Time

I know I haven’t written anything here in forever.  I apologize.  I think I’ll be writing again soon.  I think.

Here’s the thing;  Casualties of WAR has taken up what little time I have had lately.  Besides working and redecorating the living room (which turned out to be a much longer project than we had hoped – don’t they always?) I’ve been doing organization, planning, and working on the web site for CoW.

Please don’t give up on the blog.  We’re getting there and soon I should only be overwhelmed as the Destruction Branch GM, not that and all the other stuff too.

Stay tuned.


  1. There will be no giving up. Your site remains on my shortcut toolbar. 😀

    And if all else fails, there’s always RSS.

    As for living rooms – ugh. Just make sure you take the time to really enjoy it once it’s done!

  2. how hard is it to throw a couple of horns on the wall and hang some cowboy hats?

  3. Hey now.

  4. CoW…When I see that acronym I think Cell on Wheels.

    I’d be all for applying to join this guild if I wasn’t in one already. Our guild has been around in one form or another since DAOC, though we’re down to less than 10 people now and I think we’re split down the middle as far as Order/Destruction. I’m Order all the way… I’m torn though because I was hoping to be a member of at least a medium-sized guild. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll see you on the battlefield!

  5. Lol. A few years ago I decided that painting the living room would only take a couple of weekends. Six weeks later…

    …and thanks for the effort you’re putting into the guild.

  6. Aye, Genda. You’re a golden god for all the work you’ve done because of something I said in a brief post. I blame you for the snowball effect, since you gave the rowdy lot a home.

    You’ll be able to go back to blogging when you clean up the mess I made on the forums… check isle 5.

  7. Your doing awesome job with the guild website. Seeing how you are going to be my guild leader, I can’t afford not to visit your blog daily and kiss butt. Btw the new sight is amazing. Glorious! Poetic! (I kiss too deep?)

  8. This is what you do…choose another room to be yours. Claim it by putting ‘artistic’ nudes of women in it, thus thwarting the woman of the house to enter (90% of the time). Make sure computer with War on it is in said room. Care less about rest of house. Profit.

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