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Become a Casualty, and Like It

Sign Up NOWOur little guild (Casualties of WAR, which was founded by several bloggers, you’re going to have to go there to see the all-star lineup) is starting to take off.  We’ve got over 60 guild members signed up already, and several more people who are hanging out with us on the forums.  Judging from the amount and timbre of the conversation going on there, it’s going to be a ton of fun. We’d love to have that fun with you, too.

Heartless_ created some recruiting posters for us which you may have seen here or there.  Here is one I haven’t seen elsewhere yet.  If you haven’t already signed up and you are thinking about playing WAR, head over there now and join the community.  Open recruiting is on now. Click the poster for the Casualties website.

Also, Keen is starting a guild that is going to be on and Open RVR rule set server.  It’s going to have different goals and environment than ours so if our guild doesn’t sound like it’s for you check them out.  You can find the announcement at Keen and Graev’s.


  1. Nice! Where did you get the image?

  2. I can’t take credit for the image or creating the poster. That was done by Heartless_. He may remember where he found it.

  3. Heartless_ did an awesome job. I like the one on his site even more (though I wish he did one for the Destruction side).

  4. Yep, he’s a clever guy, that Heartless_ bastard.

    Ha! Always wanted to say that.

    Seriously, everyone’s welcome to join at this point. Just follow the application instructions to get started.

  5. Heh, the really ironic thing about the poster is that no matter how much you like what you see, you can’t play *that* in the game.

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