As you might know if you have been reading this blog, I am interested in Mythic’s upcoming Warhammer release.  You might also know that I am in beta and as such I have to be careful about what I write about WAR to make sure that I continue to honor the game’s NDA.  I’m very glad to see that Mythic is starting to lift the veil on the game a bit.

On one of my favorite blogs, Wall of Text, Brent embedded a couple of videos that show a little about the look and feel of the Destruction capital city and the customization options for the user interface.  Those videos are from a French gaming video site, JeuxVideo.TV.

As you can see from these videos, even at web resolutions, the game and it’s environment seem to be coming together. The custom options in the UI are pretty cool and pretty much look like you can lay out your screen almost any way you want without having to resort to a UI mod.

One other thing I want to cover;

Some interpreted my earlier comments about WAR not meeting expectations to be criticism of the game.  I want to point out that it most emphatically not the case.  If it’s criticism about anything, it’s about the amount of hype being generated for the game and my concern that any game could live up to it.  What I was trying to say is that if the market is so worked up for this thing and then it turns out that while it’s a great game, it won’t wash your car and do your dishes, there are going to be people that pan it.  I also pointed out that usually cutting content near release isn’t a good thing especially perception-wise.

I’m getting back on track here with my day to day routine, so I should be able to contribute more on teh blog now.

Stay tuned.