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Warhammer Destruction Guild Anyone?

Over at The Ramblings of JoBildo, JoBildo floated the idea of getting a guild together from the blogging community.  He wants to start an Order guild.  I’d love to play in that guild but I’m not rolling up an Order character as my main.  Sorry.  😉  With that in mind, I thought I’d offer web space, Vent Server, mindshare, and if you all want it, management and leadership for a WAR Destruction guild.

You don’t have to be a blogger to participate, you just have to read blogs and find this via this blog or JoBildo’s or similar.

So this post is to gauge interest in the idea of a blogging community guild based around the idea of grown-ups with jobs and lives playing together for fun and infamy.  If you are, please post below.  It’s not a blood oath, but it will give me an idea if this is something worth pursuing or not.  I have the enthusiasm, ability, and inclination to do this.  Do we have numbers?

Post here and show those Alliance, er, Order Sissies that Destruction Rules!


  1. Interested as destruction..

  2. /em jumps up and down waving his hands.

    I like the idea of split Destruction / Order, but under the same roof.

    If you have the webspace and vent server, that is cool as well. I guess we need to get more official at some point 😛

  3. Interested in having my Gobbo alt in there. 😀

    We’ll have to keep the guilds under the same name, just different servers (obviously) so people can freely be on both and stay in touch that way.

    Would your vent be able to facilitate that many folks, Genda?

    E-mail me at bildotheirish at hotmail dot com and we’ll get started.

  4. @JoBildo-

    We need to start brainstorming for a guild name. I like the idea of different servers so we can play whichever one strikes our fancy at the moment. I have to confess the White Lion kind of intrigued me as well. Wouldn’t mind trying one out.

    The Vent server is a TypeFrag server so it’s totally scalable. If I got a little help paying for it I’m sure it would be fine.

    I’ll shoot you an email as soon as I get a sec.

  5. Chaos Marauder or Chosen here. I just want to squash those Order sissies with a giant maul.

    Hopefully, I’ll be bashing heads in next month’s beta, but I might not have the money to buy the game and handle the subscription right away.

    As for a guild name… Since this will be a bunch of bloggers, maybe we should go with a writing-affiliated name like “Scribes of War” or “Warsong”? Something along those lines, anyway.

  6. Let’s see whether they’ll allow US and EU play together :-/

  7. Bah — I can’t help it, I seem to be drawn to the white hats more than the black hats.

    That said, those Witch Elves are secksay! Since it’s ok to say one is in the beta, I’ll say I’m in the beta.

    Just so long as it’s ok to slack. I’m often quite solitary (if sociable), have weird gaming hours, and sometimes like to do stupid things like run around all the maps I can find just because. All this goal-oriented world domination stuff gets old, ya know?

  8. I’m probably going to make characters in this guild Genda and in Bildo’s, not sure which will be my main, but the Chaos side looks to be the most fun, although, I do have my eye on the witch hunter. lol

  9. Sign me up.. after a couple months that the game has been out 😛 No class commitment from me. I play them all! But which one will I get to 40 first? I’ll ask you guys which you need when the time comes.

  10. I have now played 2 order classes and 1 destruction to level 10 in beta (hope that isn’t considered NDA breakage, its not intended to be) and I still cannot decide which side I want to be on. Honestly, being in beta won’t help you decide what you want to play if you didn’t already know, like me. I think that is a testament to how the game is turning out, either side has some fantastic classes and environments to experience.

    I do think that the blogosphere needs 2 volunteers to start doing the coordination for this. Many of us could have alts on either side, basically letting the same players be in both guilds if that’s what they want to do.

    As long as their are enough slots, it seems that you’d only need 1 ventrilo server. By that logic, only 1 web site too 🙂 Good to see JoBildo rounding the troops for Order, and I guess Genda forming up the Destruction side?

  11. Yes, I’m going to help coordinate the Destruction side. I am thinking one site, one Vent server, as well. Easy enough to break it up into two sections for the two parts of the guild.

    We’ll figure out who is in charge later.

  12. is vent necessary in WAR? I mean.. do they have in game chat? or not? is this info still under NDA? if so then its fine if you dont tell me. Some game needs to have in game guild chat(voice version) and rooms one of these days. Its an obvious next step to take and eliminate (expensive) third parties completely.

  13. Yes vent will be critical in coordinating RVR attack/defense, especially if you have relied on it in other games. You don’t have to stop and type as much, which gives you better reaction time when trying to kill someone, reinforce an objective, etc. Just my 2 cents.

  14. I’m interested in playing in a destruction guild and have a small group of friends I’ll probably be bringing with me when I start Warhammer. Just make sure not to pick a corny guild name though.

  15. Looks like it’s going to be Casualties of WAR. I don’t think that’s corny, hope you agree…

  16. I too am interested in this Destruction Guild. How should we contact you?

  17. Check us out at

    Recruitment is currently closed, but you can drop off an app and when we reopen we will definitely consider you.

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