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Month: June 2011

I wonder if SOE just told us the ship date for SWTOR.

SOE is shutting down SWG in December

According to John Smedley in an interview over at Massively, SWG is on it’s last legs.

Unfortunately, on Thursday we learned that just won’t be so. Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Star Wars Galaxies will be shutting down on December 15th of this year, marking what is in my mind the most significant sunset of a major MMO to date (and a personally painful one for many on the staff at Massively, including me). I know what you’re thinking, and no, the impending closure is due neither to the hackings nor to a dwindling playerbase. Past the break, an audibly regretful John Smedley, President of SOE, sits down with us to chat about SWG’s sunset, explaining the reasons that led to the decision and offering a new hope for the future.

Well I guess we had to see this coming.  It’s not likely that LucasArts wants to have 2 MMO’s licensed at the same time.  Just the same it’s a shame.  There is still a lot to recommend this game, even after the ravages it has suffered over the years.

Peter Falk and this on the same day.

Shoulda stood in bed.

I’m toast.

This from Gabe over at Penny Arcade about SWTOR…

“I don’t want to drill down into too much little stuff about the game but there is one feature I have to tell you about because I think it is really cool. If someone in your party is off grabbing quests while you’re selling junk at a vendor you would have to wait for them to share the quest with you later in any other game. In SW:TOR you get a little message that someone in your party is taking a quest and do you want to join via holoprojector. The first time I saw this I actually said out loud “Shit yeah I want to join via holoprojector!” and sure enough your character appears there in all his or her shimmering blue glory. You can interact with the NPC right alongside your partner. It’s a little touch but believe me when I tell you the game is full of smart little bits like this.”

Gabe’s in the Friends and Family Beta for the game and he gave some of his other impressions over here…

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