First a little housekeeping… I’m still occasionally posting here, but mostly I’m posting at I’m Talkin’ Games.  OK, that’s done.. Now to business.

I don’t usually call out other bloggers because usually they have their opinions, which everyone knows is like a part of the body, and they are entitled to that opinion.  My standard for reading a blog is that there is a shred of objectivity to the posting there.  Sure we all have our favorites and I tend to write mostly about what I am playing at the moment.  Right now that is WOW, but it’s been variously EQ2, EVE, AoC, Vanguard, and even TF2.  There have been others but you get the point.  Other than on the fan site that I started (which was sanctioned by the studio and clearly labeled as such), I’ve never really advocated a game and tried to stick to posting about what I like or dislike about it or my sometimes inexplicable behavior around it.

I’ve noted that a lot of others stick to that same ethos.  There is currently one blogger that stands out, and that is Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual.  Hardcore Casual has been on my blogroll for a long time.  I remember enjoying reading it back in the day, and even looked up to it as a successful blog.  Recently though a trend has emerged over there.  In short, it appears that Syncaine should change the name of the blog to Hardcore Apologist.

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