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Month: July 2009

Where WILL all the Money Come From?

Curt Schilling, 38 Studios

Curt Schilling, 38 Studios

Recently, Werit wondered if the MMO thing isn’t getting out of hand and whether a lot of the new MMO’s on the horizon are destined to fail because there isn’t market share for all of them.  You have to wonder if it’s not only the bloggers of the world that are wondering this.

In the Boston Globe recently, there was an article that mentioned that Curt Schilling was out pounding the pavement in search of venture capital.  Some people may be surprised to learn that 38 Studios isn’t funded by Curt with his own funds.  His family would have the right to have his head examined if he did.  Why?  Someone once gave me a really good definition of the difference between rich and wealthy.  He told me that Kobe Bryant is rich.  He said the person that signs his checks is wealthy.  Curt is very well to do, but I wouldn’t call him wealthy (unless you compare him to me, but that is another story.)

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Noah, party of 2 please…

Hi everyone.  Genda asked me to take a few moments and post some thoughts on the end of the world as we know it.  No, I’m no a preacher with a wooden sign over my shoulders screaming about Armageddon.  No, I’m not talking about people paying 5 grand to watch Kobe Bryant talk at Michael Jackson’s Memorial (And really, Kobe?  why?).  And no, I’m not talking about Star Wars The Old Republic’s release date (which we all know we’ll be clamoring for).

No, I’m here to talk about The Cataclysm.  Not “A” Cataclysm.  THE Cataclysm.

The cataclysm is the Greek expression for the Deluge, from the Greek kataklysmos, to ‘wash down’ (kluzen “wash” + kata “down”)* – Source

This past week, Blizzard decided to file for copyrights to the name regarding computer games, paper based products, and, lo and behold, online entertainment services.  COUGH wow COUGH.  Everyone knows with Blizzard you take it as it comes.  Some people have already looked at this as the name of their next Generic MMO, rumored to be working on the Xbox.  Others have seen it as something to do with Daiblo III or potentially Starcraft II.

One smart guy though saw this… and said, oh wait…

Swirlies for the win... or complete wipeout

Swirls for the win... or complete wipe-out

Yup, that’s the center of the map from your friendly neighborhood WOW MMO.  It’s been like that since pretty much day one.  Speculating that this is truly the name of the next WOW expansion, and taking into consideration some facts about WOW Lore, here’s the short run down.

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