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Month: February 2009

What is going to be The Next Big Thing in MMO’s?

NEW!After watching the road littered with the bodies of the would-be kings of the MMO world over the last few years, and seeing the size of the PC Game section at the local Fry’s and Best Buy shrink and get less interesting, I have come to wonder what Will Be Next.  While Tarkheena and I continue to play World of Warcraft, and enjoy it, I long for something new and exciting like most of you probably do.  Run-on sentences aside, the outlook for the Next Big Thing is bleak.

We’ve seen Vanguard (for well-documented resons), AoC, and WAR fail (Yes, I know it’s still got a following, but I don’t think it’s what they expected, or even close) over the last 2 years.  Even the “success” of games like EQ2 and EVE are niche and not mainstream.  So who are the contenders for the throne?  Let’s have a quick look at who I’m going to be keeping my eye on over the next couple of years.

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WoW CoW is recruiting

CoW has a WoW guild. I say that because not that many people know about it.  We’re actually becoming a multi-game guild.  Right now, most of us are in our 40’s and many of us also have DK alts.

We’re looking for like-minded people, namely people who like to play, group, and enjoy the game with a casual gamer’s play availability, to join us.

Even if you can only play a couple nights a week, we’d love to have you.  We’re planning instance runs of both the older “classic” instances as well as the newer stuff as soon as we are level appropriate.

Holler!    [edit]  The site is It looks like it’s an WA-only site, but it’s not… ask to join the WoW guild and you’ll have access to the whole site.  We’re working on a redesign to better reflect that it’s i multi-game site. The guild is on Rexxar server.  It’s an Alliance guild (yeah, I know) and you can usually find me on Duis or Duisternis.

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