WotLKIf you read MMO blogs, it will come as no surprise to you that the denizens of WAR are restless, and many of them have already hung up their swords.  WAR is a fun game, but a fragile game.  It’s population sensitive, activity sensitive, and it’s machine sensitive.  That adds up to people getting unsatisfying play sessions more often than they should.  It’s not helpful that Blizzard timed the Wrath expansion to launch 3 days before most WAR players had to decide on whether or not to resub for another month. It’s led to a mass exodus off of the servers to the point where Casualties and their allied guilds are getting a fraction of the usual player numbers we were used to.  At the start, it wasn’t unusual for CoW to run with a full warband or better, now it’s hard to fill one even with our allies.

WAR could come back.  I’ve never seen a live team work and react so quickly to changes that need to be made.  I’m encouraged by the effort and results they have been getting.  But it’s not enough. I think WAR is going to have to struggle a little and people are going to have to leave and try other things, then come back, before WAR starts to gain ground again.
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