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Month: September 2008

Warhammer Quickly to 500K Users

In an article on Kotaku today, it’s been announced that Warhammer Online has surpassed the 500K subscribers mark.  This is a great start for the game, indeed.  Now, we all know that they aren’t going to retain all of that half mil, so how the game is going to perform from a subscriber count perspective is now up to how well the gameplay is received.  From my observations, the servers as they are could mostly benefit from an increase in populations.

According to Mark Jacobs of Mythic, this makes WAR the fastest-starting MMO in history;

In just one week we have a half a million people playing WAR online, and the ranks of Order and Destruction are growing at a record-breaking pace for a new MMORPG,” said Mark Jacobs, co-founder and general manager of Mythic Entertainment. “We spent years working to provide players with the most stable, epic, and polished online world we could, but it is the players that have truly brought the Age of Reckoning to life.

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Eat Mor Chikin, er, Order

Eat Mor ChikinOver at, Shwayder has declared the battle for supremacy on the Thorgrim Server of WAR to be OVER.

I have to agree with him. It does seem that there is a dearth of worthy opponents on the server, although a couple of guilds recently saw a spike in membership (maybe the order saved up their lunch money?  The bus near the game store only runs on Sunday? I dunno.)  I can tell you that in T2, where most of the action is right now, Order is mostly standing near level 55 hero mobs taking potshots.  In the Phoenix Scenario, they just turtle, fearing what happens should they step off the lawn.


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WAR Week 1 Impressions

SquigFirst of all, let me say that I know this isn’t going to be my most read column, because this has been done ad nauseum out there in the blogs already.  But it’s time for me to get this blog going again, and what is on my mind is Warhammer.  Warhammer and Casualties. So here goes.

Before we get too far along. I want to tell you guys what an honor it is being the GM of a guild like Casualties Destruction.  The game isn’t a week old and we’re already getting communication from other guilds about alliances and running things with them.  It’s very cool.  That’s because that guild is filled with some of the most exemplary people that I have ever played with. The only thing I really need to do as a guild leader with them is provide a little structure and try to focus their enthusiasm.  Great stuff.

So the game has been “officially” live for about a week now.  In all the other games I have played, at this time we would still be doing noob tasks and maybe running some lower level dungeons for dungeon gear.  In WAR, we’ve been able to run T1 and T2 scenarios, participate in Open World RVR, we’ve done 2 nights of siege warfare, we’ve run our top 2 local Order guilds (/wave Clan of Shadows) out of their keep assault attempts, plus all the other stuff that most games offer.

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Mythic Screws Up WAR Launch Before We Even Get On Servers

I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but;

Congratulations Mythic.  You’ve made a game we all want to try.  We’re so anxious, in fact, that when you put out 60,000 copies of the Collector’s Edition back in March that it sold out almost immediately.  In fact it has been going for over $250 a copy on Ebay recently.  Nice for you.  Good on ya.  By all accounts, you also had a couple hundred thousand pre-orders for your game.  You had what is practically a million applications for beta. Your hype machine has been unparalleled in recent memory.  Good on ya.

Then launch comes along and you try to let your first 60,000 most rabid customers in on WAY too small a list of servers.  You promise that as need arises you will add servers.  You say that you don’t know what to expect.

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Don’t Discount the Voice of the Gamer re: DRM

SPOREBack in July, I wrote about the plans EA had to include the SecuROM “Digital Rights Management” rootkit with Spore when it shipped.  I was not the only one who wrote about this to be sure, but the voices of the masses got EA to back down.  A little bit.  In the end, they went ahead and limited you to 3 installs of the game and included SecuROM.

Well the gaming community has spoken with one voice on how it feels about EA and SecurROM.  In spite of Spore being, by all accounts, a wonderful product it now has a user rating of 1 out of 5 stars on  Looking at the Spore review page, it appears that over 1000 people have rated the game with 1 star due to the included DRM. A cursory view of some of the reviews found them to be thoughtful and well-reasoned.  Some examples;

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SUWT #33

SUWTThe latest edition of Shut Up, We’re Talking is out and available for your lsitening pleasure.  This week, they had the poor judgement to invite me to participate.  Here is the lineup:


  • Introductions
  • Listener mail/What we’re playing
  • (The main part of the podcast)
  • Blog of the Week
  • Hosts:

  • Darren –
  • Karen – Journey’s with Jaye
  • Paul – The Grouchy Gamer
  • Teresa – The Noob Review
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    Casualties of WAR has Officially Eaten All My Time

    I know I haven’t written anything here in forever.  I apologize.  I think I’ll be writing again soon.  I think.

    Here’s the thing;  Casualties of WAR has taken up what little time I have had lately.  Besides working and redecorating the living room (which turned out to be a much longer project than we had hoped – don’t they always?) I’ve been doing organization, planning, and working on the web site for CoW.

    Please don’t give up on the blog.  We’re getting there and soon I should only be overwhelmed as the Destruction Branch GM, not that and all the other stuff too.

    Stay tuned.

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