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Month: August 2008

WAR Love and H8

Why so angry?It’s been pretty amusing watching the events of the last few days as the Confidentiality portion of the NDA has dropped and some opinions come out.  A lot of love and hate is being thrown around.  There are some extreme opinions on both sides of the WAR is cool/WAR sucks continuum. I want to comment on that a little.

Let’s get started.

1. WAR will be DOA. (Brent)

Sorry, no.  You don’t like it and that’s cool. It’s not going to be a flop.

2. WAR will be a “WoW-Killer”

Sorry, wrong again.  The entire premise that WoW can be killed is faulty logic.  WoW is the biggest thing EVER in the MMO business, and it didn’t kill anything.  What makes people think something can kill it?

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Shark, Jumped.

Steve Danuser over at Moorgard brought this to my attention this morning.  After I checked the calendar to make sure this wasn’t another Pandaren April Fools joke from Blizzard, I just let my jaw hang there for a minute. Then I just HAD to write about it.

Evidently, Blizzard has seen fit to introduce a new mount for the upcoming WotLK expansion.  What is it?  Well what do you need to jump a shark?  That’s right, you need a motorcycle.  And that is what Blizzard is delivering.  No word on whether or not there will be any Harley Davidson cross promotion, or if it comes with leathers and some new ink.

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Got a WAR Collector’s Edition or Preorder Key?

If you do, head over to the Mythic Account Center and enter it.

This is how they are going to do the headstarts and the free weekend.  Do it now!

Forget Bartle, How About Garriott, McQuaid and Koster?

The last generation of game designers are irrelevant.

There. I said it.

As I drove past the Austin offices of NCSoft today, as I do every day on my way to work, I started thinking about Richard Garriott.  That brought my thoughts to Brad McQuaid, then to Raph Koster.  These were the last generation of online gaming’s luminaries.

One thing occurred to me as I thought about these “giants” of the MMO industry. Here’s a list of their successful games this year.

No, that isn’t really fair.  This millennium;

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Become a Casualty, and Like It

Sign Up NOWOur little guild (Casualties of WAR, which was founded by several bloggers, you’re going to have to go there to see the all-star lineup) is starting to take off.  We’ve got over 60 guild members signed up already, and several more people who are hanging out with us on the forums.  Judging from the amount and timbre of the conversation going on there, it’s going to be a ton of fun. We’d love to have that fun with you, too.

Heartless_ created some recruiting posters for us which you may have seen here or there.  Here is one I haven’t seen elsewhere yet.  If you haven’t already signed up and you are thinking about playing WAR, head over there now and join the community.  Open recruiting is on now. Click the poster for the Casualties website.

Also, Keen is starting a guild that is going to be on and Open RVR rule set server.  It’s going to have different goals and environment than ours so if our guild doesn’t sound like it’s for you check them out.  You can find the announcement at Keen and Graev’s.

WAR Buzz Becomes Tangible

War Pre-OrderThere is a beta for WAR, and I am in that beta.

That’s all the detail that my NDA allows me to disclose.  If you are wondering why I haven’t been writing much lately other than the fact that I’ve had a busy home life, it’s because I can’t write about what interests me most at the moment. It’s actually all I’m playing right now.  I’ve even gotten off of TF2, save times when they are doing something that keeps me from logging in.

I’ve now gone past the “anticipating a new game” stage to the “excited about the new game stage.

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Casualties of WAR is Born

Just a brief post here.  The blogger guild that JoBildo and company have been working on along with me has a name!  Casualties of WAR will be the Warhammer flavor of the guild.  Our forums are up over at  We’d love it if you would head over there and sign up.  Watch here and at the other blogs for more information as it becomes available.

Free to Play Forever? Fury Closing

Free Forever?Over at Nerfbat, Ryan links to the Fury forums with an announcement that Fury is closing in 48 hours.  I feel bad for people that worked on the game as well as the people who enjoyed playing it.  I agree with Ryan that there is always sadness when a game completely goes away.

I’m seeing a TON of these free to download, free to play games lately though.  Unless I’m missing something there is a kind of a repeat of the dot com boom and bust cycle repeating itself in the gaming industry now.  There seem to be a lot of game companies whose business plan is “we’ll figure out how to monetize it later.”  To me, if they aren’t asking for payment for a box (or digital download,) a subscription, ad revenue support, or an obvious microtransaction model then I am just not going to put any emotional capital into it.  I can’t believe that investors are putting real capital into these companies, but the development resources are obviously coming from somewhere.

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Warhammer Video Shows Promise

As you might know if you have been reading this blog, I am interested in Mythic’s upcoming Warhammer release.  You might also know that I am in beta and as such I have to be careful about what I write about WAR to make sure that I continue to honor the game’s NDA.  I’m very glad to see that Mythic is starting to lift the veil on the game a bit.

On one of my favorite blogs, Wall of Text, Brent embedded a couple of videos that show a little about the look and feel of the Destruction capital city and the customization options for the user interface.  Those videos are from a French gaming video site, JeuxVideo.TV.

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